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2017 Tour Information

Dates, Details, and Season Flammy Count!

This is a special tour we are offering for 2017 with just two nights available, based out of St. George, Utah, and focused on the areas around Zion National Park!

  • May 11th // 7 Spots Available
  • May 12th // 7 Spots Available

Night 1 (THU, May 11)

Starting in St. George we'll head east towards Zion National Park to start our trip off with a hike to a slot canyon to listen and look for SPOTTED OWL. Right now is the tail end of their breeding season and we might get lucky to hear their staccato call, and if we're extremely lucky we'll catch sight of one as darkness descends on the canyon. Hiking back in the dark we'll hear Canyon Tree Frogs filling the air with their chorus and keep an eye out for Arizona Toads on the trail. After catching the last shuttle out of the park we'll head to a nearby creek and see if we can track down a WESTERN SCREECH-OWL, while we test our luck at calling in the secretive COMMON POORWILL. Even though it's night time we might hear NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD as well as YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT singing away in the darkness. We'll end the night driving through an agricultural area near St. George to look for LESSER NIGHTHAWK before calling it a night.

Night 2 (FRI, May 12)

For our 2nd night of this tour we'll head to higher elevations in the mountains of Washington County to test our luck looking for the 3 forest dwelling species in the southwest. FLAMMULATED OWL will be our main target along with the larger Northern Saw-whet Owl, and the similar sized NORTHERN PYGMY-OWl. Along with the smaller owls we have a pretty good chance at finding GREAT HORNED OWL as well. We'll spend several hours trying our luck in the dark before heading back to St. George where we will look for LESSER NIGHTHAWK again before ending the tour!

Spots Available

Night 1: 7

Night 2: 7

What's Included
( & Not )

Here's what we'll provide as well as what you need to bring.

Professional Guide

With more than 20 years of birding experience, and extensive knowldege of the local flora and fauna.


We pick you up at a predetermined meeting location or hotel and will get you back at the end of the tour.

Spotlight & Calls

It's owling so we bring the light and owl calls for you to see the birds. We also use a laser to help point them out.

Water and Snacks

Fresh and cold water is provided on all MWBirdCo tours. A small snack pack is provided for all attendees as well.

Birds and a Good Time

We will see and hear some birds! We'll also engage in lively discussion about said birds and anything else that comes up.

What's Not Included

You must provide your own optics, cameras, bug spray, jackets, shoes, etc. We highly recommend all of those :)

Northern Mojava Night Birds

All Photos taken by MWBirdCo during previous Owling Trips