Our most popular package, the Finder will stretch our travel distance a little further from Salt Lake City. With this option we'll pick you up and spend up to 4 hours in the field looking for the bird(s) you need. This trip often provides the opportunity for multiple targets depending on the route and time of year.

The Finder Package options are limited to birding locations within 90 minutes of Salt Lake City. Some species included in this option are: Chukar, Burrowing Owl, Greater Sage-Grouse, Ferruginous Hawk, Willow Flycatcher, American Three-toed Woodpecker, and Sagebrush Sparrow. You can also ask about specific species and we'll let you know what tour works best for you. And remember all Species specific tours might have seasonal limitations, so please ask if you're not sure of a birds seasonal status.

Private tours can be arranged for up to 4 people with transportation provided by me. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO GROUP SIZE THOUGH! If you have a group of more than 4, you can choose to either provide transport, or have us book a van for the trip at an extra cost.

For groups of more than 4 we can provide bulk cost per person. Please reach out and let us know your group size and requirements so we can provide a quote.

In the case of bad weather we can reschedule to another day/time to accomodate your needs. If we are unable to reschedule for any reason, we provide a full refund.

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