Our full day tour has been one of our most popular options, letting our clients come up with a list of birds they want to see, and building a route to find as many as possible in a given day. These tours can take us to the high mountains, desert valleys, the Great Salt Lake, and even southwest Wyoming.

Full day tours are usually the best way to get a full experience of birding in the mountain west, with visits to most of the common habits, various elevations, and a large bird list. Some day tours start off with a visit to a grouse lek, followed by some birding int he mountains, and ending at the Great Salt Lake and the marshes that border it. Other full day tours give our clients treks deep into the wilderness of the Uinta Mountains, taking in the scenery and specialty birds of the high elevations.

Private tours can be arranged for up to 4 people with transportation provided by me. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO GROUP SIZE THOUGH! If you have a group of more than 4, you can choose to either provide transport, or have us book a van for the trip at an extra cost.

For groups of more than 4 we can provide bulk cost per person. Please reach out and let us know your group size and requirements so we can provide a quote.

Cancellations and refunds are available up till 2 weeks before a custom day tour. There are no weather related cancellations or refunds.

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